We are proud to

  • Betgames Africa is the African agent of BetGames.TV and is a novelty in the gambling industry! It is a concept which connects traditional betting with popular lotteries.

  • Live streams every 3 to 5 minutes bring an entertaining and exciting atmosphere, where there are no pre- recordings, animated games or random number generators. It’s real! Charming presenters not only guide the players through each edition of the game but also give players a personalized experience by congratulating them based on their whereabouts or sending them an air kiss. And that’s not all there is to it….

  • is already present in Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Estonia, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Georgia, Kazakhstan and other countries. Betgames Africa now brings BetGames.TV to the African continent with its inception in South Africa, where it is licensed by the Gauteng Gambling Board..

  • It is a great service for licensed betting shops and betting websites. Join us and we'll play together!